Shoemaker’s Kids: Website Audits for Digital Marketing Agencies

This week on Dirigo Creative Live I decided to put my own Digital Marketing Agency under the microscope for our weekly website review. Too often I hear the excuse “Sorry we are just SO busy working on our clients websites that we don’t have time for our own…” It’s a bullshit excuse and you know it. There is no reason or excuse. You are lazy. Face it, accept it, move on. I have.

Special thanks to my panel this week for their amazing insight and marketing advice. Here is my to do list from the call. Looking to have all changes implemented by next week.

Karl Sakas – Agency FireBox
Phil Buckley – Phil Buckley
Heather Kilcrease – Heather Kilcrease
Leann Hughes – Leanne Hughes

Stay Tuned next week at 4pm on Wednesday for a status update. No more excuses!