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WordSesh Streaming Live - 24 Hours of WordPress

WordSesh Streaming Live – 24 Hours of WordPress

WordSesh this year will take place on Saturday, December 20th 2014. There will be 24 sessions, 1 session every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours. Get ready to learn a ton of WordPress knowledge. The WordSesh Schedule will show you what’s coming up. Also you can come back and watch all the videos at […]

Meet the Speakers of the 2013 WordCamp Raleigh on Dirigo Creative Live

Hi guys! Looking forward to meeting other WordPress enthusiasts this weekend at the Raleigh Wordcamp 2013. Today we discussed what to expect from the Raleigh Wordcamp. Special thanks to the fine folks at Semper Fi Web Design for all their hard work. Topics included in this Google Hangout are WordCamp, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Security, and Marketing Strategies with your WordPress site. There are over 280 expected attendees and an all-star panel of WordPress developers and designers.