WordPress Security - 3 Basic Tips to Secure your WordPress Website

WordPress Security – 3 Basic Tips to Secure your WordPress Website

Listen up WordPress Lovers! WordPress is one of the top hacked CMS system on the internet. Hackers try to gain access to WordPress installs for a multiple of reasons. Usually the hacker is looking for backlinks or to highjack your traffic. Getting hacked can be a nightmare and consider yourself lucky if you’ve never experienced one. If you are not running backups of your website files and database you are at risk of losing everything.

Here are 3 basic tips to help you secure your WordPress.

1. Update your Software
This one is simple. Update your plugins, themes and WordPress. Many times security vulnerabilities are patched with new version releases of WordPress. If you don’t update you are leaving yourself wide open for attack. We highly recommend that you ALWAYS make a full backup of your database and website before doing any updates.

2. Stronger WP User Passwords
There is no reason to use simple passwords. This is usually the easiest way to gain access to your website. There are many tools online that can help you with stronger passwords. Check out How Secure is my Password to see how long it would take a desktop pc to hack your password.

3. WordPress Security Plugins
There are a ton of them. One that we would like to recommend is Better WP Security. This plugin has a ton of functionality to protect, detect and recover. You definitely want to make sure that you are at least backing up your SQL database. Also adding login protection is a great way to prevent brute force attacks.