Dirigo Creative Live Hangouts On Air – Free Website Audits

Welcome to the first Dirigo Creative Live Website Audits. We will be streaming live at 4pm Eastern time. Thanks for joining us. Feel free to use hashtag #DirigoCreative to submit questions through twitter.

Russ Thompson Recording “Pray Love” @ The Rubber Room in Chapel Hill NC

This is a video we shot of Russ Thompson at The Rubber Room in Chapel Hill NC. The song is called “Pray Love” and will be released on Russ’ up and coming studio album due in 2014.

Dirigo Creative Shoots and Edits Promotional Video for Raleigh Food Bank

This was SUCH a fun project. We shot this on location at the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. Post Production was in Final Cut Pro X. Shot on Nikon d7100 with a 50mm and 18-70mm. This awesome event will be held on September 13th 2013.

The telethon will be packed with entertaining activities and enlightening interviews. Events will include a Food Truck Rodeo, the Social Media Mixer, and a “Midnight Madness” volunteer activity. We’ll have mascots, clowns, live music and even a dunk tank to encourage call-in donations!


Update Now to WordPress 3.6 Oscar

WordPress has announced the availability of version 3.6, WordPress “Oscar.” Dirigo Creative recommends all clients update their WordPress installations to Oscar now to take advantage of its new functionality.

The reason we use WordPress with our clients is how easy it is to use on a regular basis. WordPress is intuitive and requires no programming knowledge. If you can use the software that comes with your computer, you can use WordPress. With WordPress 3.6 Oscar, updating your website is simple. Want to share a video, song or article with your users? With WordPress 3.6 Oscar, just copy and paste the URL into the blog post window. Once pasted in, when your post the video is professionally displayed on your website.

This is a great feature that saves extra steps, but another major upgrade has been made in content version control. Controlling content written by your employees is easier now with automatic save, post lock and revision control hat lets you review the entire history of a document to review changes:

Auto save saves what you are working on every few seconds so that you don’t lose what you are writing if you close your tab or are called away from your screen.

Post lock provides a pop-up that allows you to take over editing a post when another is working on it. When you save your edits and release the post, your collaborator’s view is then updated with your changes.

Revision control displays a timeline slider on each post so that an editor can review all changes made to a post to review all revisions by all collaborators before publishing a post.

Have more questions? Contact us to learn more about WordPress 3.6 Oscar

Timelapse Video Production in Downtown Raleigh

This is a timelapse video shot on a nikon d7100 and edited in Final Cut Pro X. We are currently assembling some video footage for the RTP Market the Triangle video contest.